The world may be locked down, but your business need not be!
While creating a Business Page on social media is a good start, that’s not enough. You need to expand your digital footprint if you want to expand your business.
The good news is that this is really easy!

Get Trained

Simply get trained on the four simple steps to follow, and make sure your business is no longer the same.

This will help generate leads and will grow your business.


Who I Am

I am Joy Dhivakar, a trainer in Digital and Social Media Marketing for regional and international organizations. I have been in this industry for 21 years and have helped several small and large organizations expand their business. My areas of expertise include creating eye-catching design, compelling and search-worthy content, SEO-optimized pages, building and expanding social media profiles, generating and pursuing leads and email and mobile marketing.


What I Do

I train businesses and organizations on various aspects of digital marketing. I help businesses across various sectors craft their digital strategy and content marketing strategy, leverage their presence in social media and online space, generate leads and convert them into income. I help in website design and development and in maintaining social media pages. In short, I help you achieve your business goals!


Say Hello.

We are here to guide you through this process. Call or whatsapp us at +971 55 378 4585 or write to us at joydhivakar@gmail.com and you are sure to find answers to your questions.